Institute for Complex Systems - Sapienza - CNR

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ISC Sapienza

Welcome to the ISC-Sapienza* Unit

Our unit hosts research on complex systems, that is systems composed of many elements whose mutual interaction gives rise to unexpected emergent phenomena. For example, the behaviour of the brain cannot be anticipated from the study of an isolated neuron. Similarly, superconductivity, the ability of some materials to conduct a frictionless electrical current at low temperatures, cannot be anticipated from the study of a single electron. Statistical mechanics, originally developed to study physical systems made of a large number of particles, provides tools and techniques (including computational) that are well suited to study complex systems and it is a common denominator to many ISC researchers. Yet, the emergence of collective behaviour is certainly not restricted to the physical sciences, but it is ubiquitous in nature, from biology to social systems and economics. For this reason, the study of complex systems, be it at the theoretical or empirical level, requires a truly interdisciplinary mindset. The great variety of ISC research activities reflects this view of complexity.

The unit was created on February 2010 incorporating the Statistical Mechanics and Complexity (SMC) INFM research centre and part of the SOFT  INFM centre.  The unit is hosted by the  Department of Physics of The Sapienza University of Rome where most of ISC-Sapienza researchers are located. This creates an exciting scientific environment that is particularly beneficial to several undergraduate and PhD students working under the supervision of ISC-Sapienza members. If you are interested in the activities of ISC-Sapienza take a look at our research topics in the left section of this page. We welcome Marie Curie and ERC applications for a postdoctoral or a research position at ISC-Sapienza. The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers scholarships for foreigners and Italians resident abroad.  For biologically-oriented projects, you can also check HFSP individual fellowships.

If you are a student at the PhD or at the Diploma (Laurea) level, we encourage you to contact us. A thesis or internship at ISC-Sapienza could be a great opportunity to boost your scientific career. Download our brochure with a presentation of the researchers and their activities.


*This web site includes scientific activities at the ISC-Headquarters (Via dei Taurini 19, Rome) and ISC Researchers at  Poltiecnico di Torino. See our locations here.