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ISC Sapienza md-p02-012-natura


Complexity in natural sciences

Head: Guido Caldarelli

People:Guido Caldarelli,Claudio Castellano, Francesca Colaiori, Andrea Gabrielli, Marco Montuori, Antonio Scala,  Antonio Maria Scarfone


Forecasting Financial Crises.

Correlazioni e fluttuazioni in Processi e campi stocastici: dallo spazio reale alle reti complesse

English title: Correlations and fluctuations in stochastic processes and fields: from real space to complex networks Instructors: Andrea Gabrielli, Guido Caldarelli Place: ISC-CNR via dei taurini 19 and Physics Department, ...

Statistical physics modeling of social dynamics

In recent years it has become widely recognized that many large-scale phenomena observed in social systems are the "macroscopic" complex effect of the "microscopic" simple behavior of a large number of interacting agents. This has led social...

Regularities and universality in large-scale social phenomena

In social phenomena every individual interacts with a limited number of peers, usually negligible as compared with the total number of people in the system. In spite of that, human societies are characterized by stunning global regularities. There...

Fractal analysis of planetary topographies

There exists an overwhelming diversity of landscapes on Earth. A cornerstone of modern geomorphology came with the realization that all...

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