Institute for Complex Systems - Sapienza - CNR

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ISC Sapienza md-p02-022-granular


CNR Research Line (Commessa)  Granular Systems

Head: Andrea Puglisi

People:Andrea Baldassarri, Giulio Costantini, Giacomo Gradenigo, MD Deen, Alessandro Sarracino

Granular Dynamics Laboratory

  Since July 2010, the Granular Dynamics Laboratory is operative - originally in room "010" and (from november 2012) -  in room "012" (ground floor of Fermi Building of the Physics Department) at the Sapienza unit of ISC. The laboratory...

Granular Gases to explore Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics

How do properties of molecular trajectories reflect on large scale transport and relaxation properties? Is it possible to directly and experimentally verify the Boltzmann's program, connecting the microscopic level to the macroscopic description?...