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ISC Sapienza Andrea Puglisi
Andrea Puglisi Profile Page
Andrea Puglisi
4 years ago


I am researcher at ISC since the beginning of 2009 . My activity mainly concerns granular systems and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, from Fluctuation-Dissipation theories to non-equilibrium stochastic processes. In recent years I, with my co-worker have obtained many new experimental and theoretical results.


  • For our main experimental results, please have a look to my home page.
  • For recent theoretical results in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, here you can have a brief survey:


- studied in depth the generalization of FDT to non-equilibrium (stationary) systems, see this paper for a review.

- edited a book of contributions about Large Deviations theory in physics, see this book

- wrote a book on granular fluids, see this book

- generalized the Einstein relation (and other equilibrium FDT relations) to out-of-equilibrium fludiized granular systems, see this paper

- obtained a closed description of an intruder in a granular fluid, with memory and different temperatures, obtaining a verification of the Fluctuation theorem for the fluctuating entropy production due to the heat exchange between the intruder and the surrounding (coupled) fluid, see this paper.

- shown the existence of a ratchet-like phenomenon for asymmetric intruders in a granular fluid, see this paper;

- shown the existence of a non-equibrium correlation length in driven granular fluids, see this paper

- introduced a new model of driven Lorentz gas, see this paper

- shown the importance of correlations among degrees of freedom and the (consequent) effect of coarse-graining in entropy production, see this paper and this paper

- shown the existence of an "H-theorem" for driven granular fluids, see this paper

- introduced a model for a small/finite time heat engine, see this paper

- introduced a lattice model for the evolution of the velocity field in a granular fluid, where a rigorous derivation of the hydrodynamic limit is possible, see this paper


  • An other important and parallel activity includes the study of agents-based models for the dynamics of linguistic evolution, see for instance this paper and this other one.
  • For cv, list of publications and other information, please have a look to my home page.


Contact Info

Andrea Puglisi

You can find me at the "Dipartimento di Fisica" of Sapienza University, p.le A. Moro 2, 00185 ROMA

My office is in room F406, 4th floor at "Fermi building"

The GranularChaos laboratory is in room F012, 0th floor at "Fermi building"

Here you can find a map of our locations at and near Sapienza.



These web articles explain my research on simple terms.

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08/03/11 17:49:27GRANULARCHAOS2815
03/02/11 16:24:24Sistemi granulari nello stato fluido (granular systems in the fluid state)2662
24/01/11 21:16:05Granular Dynamics Laboratory5247
15/11/08 12:01:37Granular Gases3023
13/11/08 14:46:17Granular Gases to explore Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics20344
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