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ISC Sapienza Andrea Gabrielli
Andrea Gabrielli Profile Page
Andrea Gabrielli
2 years ago



For an extended version of my CV click here.


I am permanent researcher at the Institute of Complex Systems (ISC) of the Italian CNR since 2004. I worked in the last 20 years in statistical physics, fractal growth phenomena, percolation, self-organized criticality, application of statistical physics to cosmological and gravitational problems. My main present interest focuses on the applications of complex networks and stochastic processes to economy and brain science.

More in detail my present scientific activity deals with:

1) Applications of complex network theory to socio-economic networks (e.g. see this paper and this other paper) and analysis of fMRI data about brain function (e.g. see this paper);

2) Statistical physics of extended gravitational and long range interacting systems (e.g. see this paper and this other paper);

3) Stochastic processes with multiplicative noise, turbulence and the relation with long range interactions (e.g. see this paper);

4) Theory of anomalous diffusion in NMR experiments in organic and inorganic complex media (see this paper).

For a more detailed account of my activities visit my Google-scholar web-page




February 2009 – Present: Tenured Researcher (Ricercatore III livello, matricola CNR n. 27819)

Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi (ISC) - Italian National Research Council (CNR), Via dei Taurini 19, 00185 - Rome, Italy

Research in the theory of complex systems with applications to physical, social and biological systems

July 2004 – February 2009: Tenure Track

INFM and Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi (ISC) - Italian National Research Council (CNR), Via dei Taurini 19, 00185 - Rome, Italy

Research in the Theory of Complex Systems with applications to physical, social and biological systems

November 2002 – June 2004: Post doctoral position in Physics

“E. Fermi” Center for Research and Studies (Rome, Italy) c/o Physics Department of the University “Sapienza" of Rome, Italy.

Research activity on the physics of Complex Systems.

December 2000 – October 2002: Post doctoral position in Physics

Istituto Nazionale di Fisica della Materia (INFM) c/o Physics Department of the University “Sapienza" of Rome, Italy.

Research activity on the physics of Complex Systems.

October 1999 – November 2000: Post doctoral position in Physics

Lab. PMC – Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau, France), Group of Prof. Bernard Sapoval

European Project “Fractal Structures and Self-organization" (TMR program of the EEC, contract number: FMRXCT980183)

Research activity on the physics of self-organized fractal systems and percolation.

November 1998 – September 1999: Post doctoral position in Physics, CIES scholarship

Lab. PMC – Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau, France), Group of Prof. Bernard Sapoval

Research activity on the physics of self-organized fractal systems and percolation.



1996 – 1998 PhD in Physics - Thesis Title: “Memory Effects in Growth Dynamics with Quenched Disorder” External supervisor: Prof. Luciano Pietronero,

Physics Department, University “Tor Vergata” of Rome, Italy, Supervisor: Prof. Roberto Petronzio

1989 – 1995 “Laurea” in Physics - Thesis Title: “Quenched and Stochastic Dynamics: the Case of Invasion Percolation” Final note: 110/110 cum laude

Physics Department, University “Sapienza” of Rome, Italy

Supervisor: Prof. Luciano Pietronero



Editor of Scientific Reports (Nature); reviewer of many journals among which Phys. Rev. Lett., Phys. Rev. E, Nature Comm., J. of Stat. Mech., Eur. Phys. J. B, Europhys. Lett., Plos One, Scientific Reports, Physica A.


1 monography in Statistical Physics ("Statistical Physics for Cosmic Structures", Springer, 2005)

1 chapter in Book of Network Theory

105 papers on peer-reviewed journals


H-factor: 27 (Google-scholar)

Citation index: 2263 (Google-scholar)



A. Gabrielli, M. Cristelli, D. Mazzilli, A. Tacchella, A. Zaccaria, L. Pietronero, Why we like the ECI+ algorithm, (2017).

E. Pugliese, G. Cimini, A. Patelli, A. Zaccaria, L. Pietronero, A. Gabrielli, Unfolding the innovation system for the development of countries: co-evolution of Science, Technology and Production, (2017).

A. Patelli, G. Cimini, E. Pugliese, A. Gabrielli, The scientific impact of nations on scientific and technological development, (2017).

R. Mastrandrea, A. Gabrielli, F. Piras, G. Spalletta, G. Caldarelli, T. Gili , Organization and hierarchy of the human functional brain network lead to a chain-like core, Sci. Rep. 7, 4888 (2017)

T. Squartini, G. Cimini, A. Gabrielli and D. Garlaschelli, Network reconstruction via density sampling, Applied Network Science 2, 3 (2017), DOI 10.1007/s41109-017-0021-8.

F. Saracco, M.J. Straka, R. Di Clemente, A. Gabrielli, G. Caldarelli, T. Squartini, Inferring monopartite projections of bipartite networks: an entropy-based approach, New J. of Physics 19, 053022 (2017).

B. Marcos, A. Gabrielli, M. Joyce, Formation and relaxation of quasi-stationary states in particle systems with power law interactions, (2017).

G. Poce, G. Cimini, A. Gabrielli, A. Zaccaria, G. Baldacci, M. Polito, M. Rizzo, S. Sabatini, What do central counterparties default funds really cover? A network-based stress test answer, (2016).

G. Bardella, A. Bifone, A. Gabrielli, A. Gozzi, and T Squartini, Hierarchical organization of functional connectivity in the mouse brain: a complex network approach, Scientific Reports 16, 32060 (2016).

F. Saracco, R. Di Clemente, A. Gabrielli, T. Squartini, Detecting early signs of the 2007 - 2008 crisis in the world trade, Scientific Reports 6, 30286 (2016).

G. Cimini, A. Zaccaria, A. Gabrielli, Investigating the interplay between fundamentals of national research systems: Performance, investments and international collaborations, J. of Informetrics 10(1), 200-211 (2016).

F. Saracco, R. Di Clemente, A. Gabrielli, L. Pietronero, From Innovation to Diversification: A Simple Competitive Model, PLoS ONE 10(12), e0144564 (2015).

G. Cimini, T. Squartini, D. Garlaschelli and A. Gabrielli, Systemic Risk Analysis on Reconstructed Economic and Financial Networks, Scientific Reports 5, 15758 (2015).

G. Cimini, T. Squartini, A. Gabrielli, and D. Garlaschelli, Estimating topological proper- ties of weighted networks from limited information, Phys. Rev. E 92, 040802(R) (2015).

C. Barr, J. Talbot, P. Viot, L. Angelani, and A. Gabrielli, Generalized model of blockage in particulate flow limited by channel carrying capacity, Phys. Rev. E 92, 032141 (2015).

F. Saracco, R. Di Clemente, A. Gabrielli, T. Squartini, Randomizing bipartite networks: the case of the World Trade Web, Scientific Reports 5, 10595 (2015).

G. Cimini, T. Squartini, A. Gabrielli, D. Garlaschelli, Reconstructing topological proper- ties of complex networks using the fitness model, Social Informatics, pages 323-333, Springer (series: Lec. Notes Comp. Science 8852/2015 - edited by L. M. Aiello and D. McFarland) (2015).

J. Talbot, A. Gabrielli and P. Viot, Irreversible Blocking in Single-File Concurrent and Countercurrent Particulate Flows, J. Stat. Mech.: Th. and Exp., P01027 (2015).

A. Gabrielli, M. Joyce, J. Morand, Finite N corrections to Vlasov dynamics and the range of pair interactions, Phys. Rev. E 90, 062910 (2014).

G. Cimini, A. Gabrielli, F. Sylos Labini, The Scientific Competitiveness of Nation, PLoS ONE 9(12), e113470 (2014).

C. H. Comin, J. R. Santos, D. Corradini, W. Morrison, C. Curme, D. L. Rosene, A. Gabrielli, L. da F. Costa, H. E. Stanley, Statistical physics approach to quantifying differences in myelinated nerve fibers, Scientific Reports 4, 4511 (2014).

M. Palombo, A. Gabrielli, V. D. P. Servedio, G. Ruocco, S. Capuani, Structural disorder and anomalous diffusion in random packing of spheres, Scientific Reports 3, 2631 (2013).

M. Cristelli, A. Gabrielli, G. Caldarelli, A. Tacchella, L. Pietronero, Measuring the Intangibles: A Metrics for the Economic Complexity of Countries and Products, PLoS ONE 8(8), e7072 (2013).

A. Tacchella, M. Cristelli, G. Caldarelli, A. Gabrielli, L. Pietronero, Economic complexity: Conceptual grounding of a new metrics for global competitiveness, J. of Econ. Dyn. and Contr. 37(8), 1683 -1691 (2013).

A. Gabrielli, J. Talbot, and P. Viot, Non-Markovian models of blocking in concurrent and countercurrent flows, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 170601 (2013).

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G. Caldarelli, A. Chessa, A. Gabrielli, F. Pammolli and M. Puliga, Reconstructing a credit network, Nature Physics 9, 125 (2013).

Contact Info

Andrea Gabrielli

ISC-CNR, Unita' "Sapienza", Dipartimento di Fisica, Università "Sapienza" di Roma,
Pl. Aldo Moro 5, 00185-Roma, Italy

Visit my Google-scholar web page



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