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ISC Sapienza Emanuela Zaccarelli
Emanuela Zaccarelli Profile Page
Emanuela Zaccarelli
6 years ago


My research work focuses on simulations and theory of soft matter systems. In particular I study the equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium propertied of complex fluids, such as colloidal suspensions, star polymers, micelles, globular proteins, clays. More recently I became interested in the self-assembly behavior of patchy
and anisotropic particles.

A large part of my efforts is devoted to study the interplay between thermodynamic (eg. phase separation or crystal formation) and dynamic transition, such as dynamic arrest into a glass or gel state. For more information and news see my personal homepage:



Contact Info

Emanuela Zaccarelli
Researcher, Head of CNR line (commessa)

I am at room 106  of  Sapienza    Fermi   building.


These web articles explain my research on simple terms.

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01/05/11 08:05:44Empty Liquids and Equilibrium Gels in a Colloidal Clay3307
07/02/11 13:32:44Teoria e fenomenologia dei vetri strutturali - Theory and phenomenology of structural glasses)3426
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