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ISC Sapienza

COBBS Lab - Press and Media Coverage

Here is some press coverage of our research:


The seventh starling (Murmuration) - The Guardian

Choreografie ohne Choreografen - NZZ

Birds of a feather ... track seven neighbors to flock together - News at Princeton

How do starlings create those mesmerizing murmurations - Cornell Lab Ornithology

Editorial: Tech is a flock of starlings - Engadget

Flights of Fancy: How birds (and bird-watchers) compute the behavior of a flock on the wing - American Scientist

Animal magnetism: modeling flocks of birds using simple attractions - ArsTechnica

Starling Flocks Behave Like Flying Magnets - Wired

The Startling Science of a Starling Murmuration - Wired

Birds flock with scale invariance - Physics World

How starling flocks create their aerobatic displays - BBC

The Smart Swarm - Peter Miller

Amazing Starling Flocks are Flying Avalanches - Wired

Birds network too - Science News

Study of starling formations points way for swarming robots - Daily Telegraph

Statistical Physics is for the Birds - Physics Today


If you need some images, you can find a selection of low resolution photos from the project here.


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