Institute for Complex Systems - Sapienza - CNR

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ISC Sapienza Facilities


Facilities at ISC-Sapienza

Granular Dynamics Laboratory

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Since July 2010, the Granular Dynamics Laboratory is operative - originally in room "010" and (from november 2012) -  in room "012" (ground floor of Fermi Building of the Physics Department) at the Sapienza unit of ISC. The laboratory includes two main experimental setups:


  1. Vertical vibration (2d and 3d granular experiments): an electrodynamic shaker LDS V455, which can reach a maximum acceleration of 105g, powered by a PA1000L power amplifier. The amplifier receives the signal from a signal generator board in a personal computer. Particle tracking data are collected by a fast camera (MIKROTRON EO-SENS CL) which reaches 506 frames per second at full resolution (1280x1024) or faster at reduced resolutions.
  2. Inclined plane with vibrating pistons (2d granular experiments): the inclined aluminium plane has a variable tilt-angle to control effective gravity, lateral lighting, two vibrating pistons (actuated by rotating engines) on the short sides (usually the topmost and the lowest ones) inject energy. Particle images are collected by a new fast camera (Photron MiniUX50) which gets 1.3Mp at 2Kfps with colours.


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COBBS Laboratory

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The COBBS Laboratory is housed on the 4th floor of the Fermi Building, Sapienza University.  This is our main lab space and houses the experimental team.  The numerical analysis and computer vision teams are located two doors down the hallway from our lab.


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Nanomaterials for alternative energies: solid-state hydrogen storage

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I work in a joint Sapienza University and CNR Laboratory that has been active since 1968 in applying the anelastic spectroscopy, the acoustic emission, and the thermal analysis to study various solid systems,

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