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ISC Sapienza Andrea Gnoli
Andrea Gnoli Profile Page
Andrea Gnoli
4 years ago


My research activity is focused on the physics of granular systems. I am mainly involved in the design, the realization and the optimization of new experiments in which granular systems are used and studied to probe various fundamental theories in the field of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics.

Please visit the Granular Dynamics Laboratory web page where I work with my colleague Andrea Puglisi to have further details on the experiments.

Please see my Google Scholar page for an updated list of publications.



  • Granular Materials
  • Granular materials are studied and used to test various fascinating theories in the field of non equilibrium statistical physics. Many different experiments are realized in the Granular Dynamics Laboratory in the Fermi Building, ground floor, Room 012. In our experiments grains are made of steel or plastic beads of various  size, in the 1 – 4 mm range. The beads are kept in movement by a shaker and various different regimes are realized (granular gas and liquid) in various different setups (3d, 2d and also 1d). The dynamic of the grains is studied by high speed cameras and probed by intruders.



  • Brownian Motors
  • Brownian motors are a class of devices that extract useful work from noise. Such an extraction, which is impossible in the classical equilibrium thermodynamic framework, is made possible through the use of granulars that are, by definition, in non equilibrium conditions. The rectification of fluctuations is challenging from the experimental point of view and the final direction of motion is not easily predicted without a suitable theoretical model.


Contact Info

Andrea Gnoli

I am at room   012   of  Sapienza    Fermi   building.

Here you can find a map of our locations at and near Sapienza.


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