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ISC Sapienza Massimo Cencini
Massimo Cencini Profile Page
Massimo Cencini
8 years ago


I'm a researcher of ISC-Sapienza. My research interests range from dynamical systems (see the book I have recently written), to turbulence and transport in fluid flows.





Contact Info

Massimo Cencini
+39 06 49937453

My office is at the CNR building in Via dei Taurini 19, Rome (few meters from the Sapienza campus). I am at the 4th floor, room 412. Bring an ID to get the badge at the entrance.


These web articles explain my research on simple terms.

11/11/08 10:49:54Transport in binary mixtures6847
05/11/08 10:09:01Introduction to Turbulence7533
05/11/08 10:04:46Inertial Particles in Turbulent Flows10297
05/11/08 10:04:02Scalar Turbulence8470
05/11/08 10:01:50Lagrangian Turbulence7614
03/11/08 18:59:37Synchronization and Non-equilibrium Phase transitions2676
30/10/08 10:32:16Synchronization of extended systems7475
16/01/08 11:31:15Turbulence in magnetohydrodynamics2655
16/01/08 10:58:16Turbulence2752