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ISC Sapienza Francesca Colaiori
Francesca Colaiori Profile Page
Francesca Colaiori
5 years ago


Statistical Physics

Interdisciplinary Research: Network Science, Social Dynamics, Quantitatilve Linguistics, Biophysics

Contact Info

Francesca Colaiori

I am at room   510   of  Sapienza   Fermi  building.


These web articles explain my research on simple terms.

03/11/14 15:20:00Fractures and crack propagation835
03/11/14 15:16:57Dynamics of Virus-Host interaction909
03/11/14 15:12:27Mixing by degree in signed social networks847
03/11/14 15:09:20Degree correlations in signed social networks972
03/11/14 14:55:38Rules and Exceptions in Language Dynamics1032
07/11/08 16:35:34Systems with multiplicative noise7117
07/11/08 14:47:49Disorder driven non-equilibrium phase transition: the Random field Ising model5681
09/10/08 20:53:07Dynamic hysteresis in thin and ultra-thin films5309
09/10/08 17:36:54Crackling noise: the Barkhausen effect9107