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ISC Sapienza Daniela Grasso
Daniela Grasso Profile Page
Daniela Grasso
6 years ago


My research activity concerns both the analytical and numerical investigation
of   fundamental  problems in the field of plasma physics.
My main achievements have been reached in the study of magnetic reconnection,  a basic process in conducting fluids and plasmas, in collisionless regimes.

More recently i focused on:

- transport barriers to field line motion in chaotic magnetic fields, by means of Finite Time Lypaunov Exponents techniques;

- coupling between fluid and magnetic instabilities;

- description of the reconnection process through a gyrofluid approach that takes into account finite ion Larmor radius effects into a fluid description;

- generation of suprathermal electrons during reconnection events.


* Politecnico di Torino;

* CNRS-Centre de Physique Théorique, Campus de Luminy Marseille (France);

* Institute for Fusion Studies, University of Texas, Austin;

* Universita` di Pisa;

* Technical University di Eindhoven.

Contact Info

Daniela Grasso

I am at Dipartimento Energia at the Politecnico di Torino

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