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ISC Sapienza Emmanuele Cappelluti
Emmanuele Cappelluti Profile Page
Emmanuele Cappelluti
2 years ago


Main interest of my research activity is the investigation of the many-body problems in solid state physics. Many-body effects in this field are indeed common to a large variety of phenomena related to the electron-lattice and to the electron-electron interaction. Large part of my activity in the last years has focused on the study of the high-Tc superconductivity, not only in cuprates, but also in fullerides, pnictides, MgB2 alloys and graphitic-like compounds.

I'm currently mainly working on the electronic and optical properties of single- and multi-layer graphene and post-graphene two-dimensional systems (transition-metal dichalcogenides, ...)


My work is mainly based on the analytical techniques of Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter, but I have also an operative knowledge of numerical technques. At the same time, the investigation of the basilar properties of paradigmatic theoretical models (Holstein, Hubbard, t-J, ...) is also accompanied by a strong interest towards the investigation and the explanation of the specific properties of real materials.

Keywords: electron-phonon interaction; high-Tc superconductivity; nonadiabatic theory of superconductivity and normal state; strongly correlated electron systems; magnetic and lattice instabilities; fullerenes; copper oxides; pnictides and Fe-based superconductors; magnesium diborides and related compounds; graphenes; spin-orbit interaction and spintronics; supersolidity and quantum solids.

Contact Info

Emmanuele Cappelluti

My office is hosted in "La Sapienza" University Campus,

Department of Physics, 'E. Fermi" Building,

office 109 (first floor).

Ph.: +39-06-49913488


For more information about me and how to reach me,

please consult my personal webpage:


These web articles explain my research on simple terms.

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