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ISC Sapienza Edward Shen
Edward Shen Profile Page
Edward Shen
5 years ago


I received my PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from the York University in Toronto, Canada.  My specialization is in distributed smart camera (DSC) networks, photogrammetry and electronics.  More information about my credentials can be found here.

I am part of the COBBS Laboratory Group, headed by Andrea Cavagna and Irene Giardina.  My main tasks in the group are experimental work and computer vision.  Specifically, my focus has been on acquiring biological aggregation events, calibration and testing of our multi-camera system, and computer vision tasks such as image segmentation and object tracking.


Contact Info

Edward Shen

I am in room 412, Enrico Fermi  building, Sapienza.



These web articles explain my research on simple terms.

29/04/13 20:46:11COBBS - Computer Vision and Tracking2887
29/04/13 19:59:09COBBS - Flocking Experiment2072
23/04/13 15:35:01COBBS - Non-biting Midge Experiment2626
21/02/11 12:42:28COBBS Laboratory4459