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ISC Sapienza Guido Caldarelli
Guido Caldarelli Profile Page
Guido Caldarelli
8 years ago



My expertise is in Statistical Physics applied to scale-invariant phenomena, mostly in natural sciences. Since my first paper in year 2000 my main activity focussed on the study of Complex Networks. In this field I coordinated two European Projects and published more than 50 papers, one textbook, editing also 2 volumes of scientific journals and 2 books. I am particularly interested in the mathematical extension of graph theory in order to describe the present technological systems (namely the hypergraph structure of social systems) and in the application of these ideas to financial and physical systems.

Together with Dr. Gabrielli we lecture a PhD course at Sapienza University, for material, publications and other info please check

Contact Info

Guido Caldarelli
Associate, Head of CNR line (commessa), Former staff

I am at Room 111 at Fermi Building in the Department of Physics at Sapienza.

Alternatively send an e-mail to (I mean use my "name" and "surname" :) )


These web articles explain my research on simple terms.

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