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ISC Sapienza Giacomo Gradenigo
Giacomo Gradenigo Profile Page
Giacomo Gradenigo
2 years ago


I have been postdoctoral researcher at ISC from 12/2009 to 11/2012. Since 09/2017 I am affiliated to CNR-Nanotec.

Past and present research subjects: granular fluids, entropy production, anomalous diffusion, large deviations, glasses, numerical simulations of supercooled liquids, Random First-Order Transition in glasses, plaquette models of glasses, Random Lasers, p-spin model, replica symmetry breaking, parallel Monte-Carlo simulations of disordered systems, Edwards thermodynamics, dry friction.

Contact Info

Giacomo Gradenigo
+39 06 4991 4245
Former postdoc

I am at room  203  of  Sapienza  Physics Department, "Marconi"   building.

Here you can find a map of our locations at and near Sapienza.


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