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ISC Sapienza Marco Montuori
Marco Montuori Profile Page
Marco Montuori
7 years ago


My research work regards the formation and evolution of some of the structures observed in the universe. Structures in the universe are observed to span many different orders of scale ranging from planets up to the so called cosmic web extending to the whole universe.

More in details, I am studying:

  • the dynamics and evolution of the Globular Clusters
  • the interactions and mergers of the Galaxies
  • the large scale structure


Contact Info

Marco Montuori
+39 06 49913437

I am in the room 510 at La Sapienza Physics Department - Fermi building


These web articles explain my research on simple terms.

14/11/08 00:44:07Fractal analysis of planetary topographies5713
13/11/08 19:26:21Globular Cluster Dynamics6569
13/11/08 18:17:37GZIP: Galaxy morphology classification by zip algorithm5924