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ISC Sapienza Nicolás Ariel García
Nicolás Ariel García Profile Page
Nicolás Ariel García
3 years ago


I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working with Dr. Emanuela Zaccarelli and Dr. Nicoletta Gnan on the ANISOFT project which aims to explore new self-assembly routes of anisometric colloidal particles by studying their equilibrium and off-equilibrium behaviour.

In this project, I am working specifically in the topic "Depletion forces in the presence of polymerization", but in general, my research interests are:

  • Soft matter: Mechanisms and dynamics of phase transition, pattern formation and self assembly.
  • Experimental techniques, like microscopy: AFM, SEM, TEM, and others: GISAXS, SAXS, etc.
  • Design and development of scientific software with applications in physics and physics teaching.
  • High performance optimization of physical simulations codes using CUDA / OPENCL.
  • Molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations.
for further information, please visit my personal web page.


Contact Info

Nicolás Ariel García

I am at the Department of Physics, Fermi Building, room 205, of 'Sapienza' University of Rome.

Here you can find a map of our locations at and near Sapienza.


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