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ISC Sapienza Oriele Palumbo
Oriele Palumbo Profile Page
Oriele Palumbo
4 years ago


I started my reserach activity studing hydrogen complexes in semiconductors, particularly focusing on the conversion to the semi-insulating state of InP. I was also involved in EXAFS studies on materials characterized by magnetoresistance or charge ordering phase transitions.

Later on, my research activity has been mainly devoted to the study of nanostructured materials, and in particular of materials for solid state hydrogen storage, by means of anelastic spectroscopy and thermal analysis, in collaboration with A. Paolone.

Recently, I have also started a reserach activity on materials for alternative energies, like electrode and electrolyte materials for fuel cells and lithium batteries. In particular, I am presently working on ionic liquids, which are considered for electrolyte solutions, focusing on the occurrence of phase transitions and on their dynamics.






Contact Info

Oriele Palumbo

I am at room 360 of the G. Marconi building at Sapienza University of Rome.


These web articles explain my research on simple terms.

23/03/15 14:25:27Solid state hydrogen storage1385
23/03/15 14:23:30Ionic liquids: a spectroscopic investigation1266