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ISC Sapienza Annalisa Paolone
Annalisa Paolone Profile Page
Annalisa Paolone
5 years ago


I am an experimental physicist, working in collaboration with O. Palumbo (CNR-ISC) and F. Trequattrini (Sapienza University of Rome). My research of the last ten years was devoted to have a better knowledge of the physical properties and of the hydrogenation/dehydrogenation processes of the most promising materials for solid state hydrogen storage, such as sodium alanate, ammonia borane and lithium amide. In the past I studied also high Tc superconductor, manganites, carbon nanotubes and Li oxides by means of anelastic and infrared spectroscopy.

I recently expanded my research interest also to innovative materials for lithium batteries and polymers for PEM fuel cells. I am involved in the European Project APPLES for lithium batteries ( and in a FIRB Project for the utilization of hydrides as electrodes in lithium batteries (


Contact Info

Annalisa Paolone

I am at room 360 of Sapienza Marconi building.


These web articles explain my research on simple terms.

10/03/11 14:36:01Nanomaterials for alternative energies: solid-state hydrogen storage3874
16/12/10 14:07:53Solid-state hydrogen storage3406