Institute for Complex Systems - Sapienza - CNR

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ISC Sapienza Fabio Saracco
Fabio Saracco Profile Page
Fabio Saracco


Since October 2013, I am a post-doc researcher at ISC-CNR, Institute for Complex System, where I work on Economic Complexity and Networks. I got my Ph.D. in String Theory in January 2013, with supervisor dr. Alessandro Tomasiello, at the University of Milan Bicocca, while I graduated with a thesis in Cosmology in April 2009 at the University of Florence, with Massimo Pietroni, from Padua University, and Domenico Seminara, from Florence University. All these works have been published on international journals, as well as other papers during my Ph.D. years. I was invited speakers for one international conference and I participated to several international conferences and schools as contributed speakers.

Contact Info

Fabio Saracco

I am at room   206   of  Sapienza Enrico Fermi building.

Here you can find a map of our locations at and near Sapienza.


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