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ISC Sapienza Alessandro Sarracino
Alessandro Sarracino Profile Page
Alessandro Sarracino
3 years ago


Joined to the project GRANULARCHAOS

Research interest:

Out-of-equilibrium statistical mechanics: breakdown of time-reversibility and detailed balance in Markov processes; entropy production; generalized fluctuation-dissiapation relations; ratchet effect; applications to Ising systems, spin glasses and granular systems.

Fluctuation-dissipation relations out of equilibrium: field-free algorithms for the measurement of the response function; second order FDR; growing length-scales in disordered systems.

Non-equilibrium fluctuating hydrodynamics: dynamics of a tracer particle in a granular bath; theoretical, numerical and experimental study of driven granular fluids.

Anomalous diffusion: diffusion and response function in inhomogeneous systems; continuous time random walks and Lévy collsion process; Einstein relation in anomalous transport.





Contact Info

Alessandro Sarracino

I am at room 414 of Sapienza University, Fermi building.

Here you can find a map of our locations at and near Sapienza.


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