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ISC Sapienza Antonio Maria Scarfone
Antonio Maria Scarfone Profile Page
Antonio Maria Scarfone
8 years ago


My research interest concerns mainly the theoretical foundation of the Statistical Physics for the study of non-Gibbsian systems, observed mostly in natural sciences and socio-economic disciplines.
More in detail in the last 13 years I worked in different problems of statistical and mathematical physics, ranging from:

1) Soliton solutions for nonlinear Schroedinger equations and gauge symmetries of third kind (e.g. see this and this paper);

2) Quantum deformed algebras and their applications in the study of dynamical systems and statistical mechanics theories (e.g. see this and this paper);

3) Lie symmetries in kinetic equations and anomalous diffusion (e.g. see this paper);

4) Generalized entropic forms and extensive thermostatistics (see this and this paper).

In these fields I published more than 60 papers, organized a series of international conferences, editing 4 volumes of scientific journals and presiding a PhD course at the Politecnico di Torino.

At present, I am also interested in the development of new theoretical tools to study complex systems in the framework of the classic and quantum Information theory and in the geometry Information.

A few keywords of my activity are:
Statistical mechanics, Legendre structure of thermostatistics; classical information theory; non-linear kinetic; non-linear Schroedinger equations, quantum group and quantum algebras.


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Contact Info

Antonio Maria Scarfone

I am at Physics Department of Politecnico di Torino.


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