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ISC Sapienza Sílvio Duarte Queirós
Sílvio Duarte Queirós Profile Page
Sílvio Duarte Queirós


My core activities at ISC aim at surveying the statistical and dynamical properties of animal collective behaviour in three-dimensional motion described in the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme funded project PASSAROLLA which is associated with the main ERC funded SWARM project.

Specifically, I focus on shedding light on the intrinsic nature of the dynamics: differential stochastic or non-linear and its impact on Eulerian and Lagragian models of systems of the aforementioned ilk.

Concomitantly, I develop statistical tools which enable the dynamical charactersation of generic non-equilibrium and non-stationary systems. Recent work on this matter is available in:


Other research topics can be found here.


Contact Info

Sílvio Duarte Queirós

I am at room 450 of the via dei Taurini building.

Here you can find a map of our locations at and near Sapienza.


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