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ISC Sapienza Simona Sennato
Simona Sennato Profile Page
Simona Sennato
8 months ago


My research interests include different topics of soft matter physics, biological physics and physical chemistry,  in a highly multidisciplinary environment

•  Colloids: dispersion, self-assembly, cluster formation in liposomes and polyelectrolyte co-suspension. On this topic I currently collaborate with F. Bordi at Physics Dept. La Sapienza University and D. Truzzolillo at CNRS in Montpellier (Fr).

• Macromolecular solutions of polymers and polyelectrolyte, structure and electric properties by dielectric spectroscopy investigations, in collaboration with  F. Bordi and S. Sarti at Physics Dept. La Sapienza University.

• Phase behavior, self-assembly, structural properties and thermodynamic of lipid and surfactant suspension. On this topic I collaborate with C. Bombelli and G. Mancini of IMC-CNR and with L. Galantini at Chemistry Dept. in Rome La Sapienza.

• Models of biological membranes: monolayers, liposomes and giant unilamellar vesicles. On this topic I currently collaborate with F. Bordi at Physics Dept. La Sapienza University

I am currently involved in two research projects:

- FIRB2012 project “Role of the oxidative stress in the alteration of muscle homeostasys and therapeutic approach by antioxidants delivered by specific liposomes", with national coordinator V. Moresi, at Department of Anatomical, Histological, Forensic and Orthopaedic Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome La Sapienza University of Rome. I am the local coordinator of the research unit at Physics Department of La Sapienza, which is in charge of the development of a a novel drug delivery vector for  skeletal muscle cells with a subcellular targeting to mithocondria, based on liposomes functionalized with biocompatible polymers. The activities of the project are in collaboration with C. Bombelli and F. Ceccacci, of the research unit at CNR-IMC, and C. Palocci  at Chemistry Dept. La Sapienza, for the polymer synthesis  and characterization.

- PRIN project "Smart gels in soft matter" of Emanuela Zaccarelli. My activity concerns the study of polymeric microgel particles by Atomic Force Microscopy technique.



Contact Info

Simona Sennato

I am at room   421  of  Sapienza   Fermi  building.

Here you can find a map of our locations at and near Sapienza.


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