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ISC Sapienza Silvia Gentilini
Silvia Gentilini Profile Page
Silvia Gentilini


Your scientific article goes here.  It is safer to write the article in an external editor and make cut and paste to avoid data loss (you will be log out after some inactivity). Keep a backup copy of your article. The official language is English. Describe the topic in a way accessible to a broad audience. Select the appropriate Section and Category below. Separate the first paragraph from the body of the text pressing the "Read more" button below.  To insert an image press the button in the lower left corner. You can only insert images of type bmp,gif,jpg,png.

To submit a Course Description (to appear in the Training>ISC Courses link) or a Project Description (Projects link) delete this text and choose the appropriate template from below the edit window. This tex is default and will appear also in cases where you are not submitting a web articles. IN ANY CASE IT HAS TO BE DELETED OTHERWISE IT WILL APPEAR IN THE WEB SITE.

Contact Info

Silvia Gentilini

I am at room   114   of  Sapienza   Fermi   building.

Here you can find a map of our locations at and near Sapienza.


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